Manufacturing & Distribution

Maufacturing demand reset

In the early 1990’s, after the demise of the former Soviet Union, Russia and many other countries of the former Soviet Union found they no longer had available and affordable pharmaceuticals for their citizens.

Under the former Soviet Union’s model for pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution a single government trade organization was responsible for assuring production quotas were met and distribution was carried out accordingly after the break up.  Trade organizations such as the one regulating pharmaceuticals no longer existed and a new solution needed to be put in place.  Manufacturers did not know distributors and distributors did not know manufacturers.  The entire system needed to be recreated.

Allen; therefore, took on the task to rebuild a pharmaceutical industry including Russia and many of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The eventual success of this public-private venture, created and managed by Allen, resulted in establishing links between many of the former pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and retailers for supplying the population with affordable generic pharmaceuticals and vitamins.  Eventually, the Russian government was able to take total control of the operation.  (see Wall Street Journal article under “Letters and Papers”)