Defense & Security

Counter Terrorism Training

During the 1980’s, AGE managed the US Counter Terrorism training program for the US Department of State.  Senior management from Police and counter terrorism units from selected countries were invited to attend 6-week training classes in the US at the Louisiana State Police Academy and military bases located in the US.  AGE supplied all course instructors and materials used in the training.


AGE is actively engaged in the prevention of fire and terrorist incidents involving active shooters.  Working with a Virginia based company, NetTalon, AGE is assisting to have NetTalon’s Virtual Command System to protect schools in an active shooter situation become established in schools around the country.  The system is the first to directly link law enforcement and schools to allow real time intelligence and ability to trigger countermeasures to prevent mass causalities from remote locations.  Mr. Allen was the Keynote speaker on behalf of the Indiana Sheriff’s Association and NetTalon at the grand opening of the first school in America to have the system installed and activated with the local sheriff’s department.

Military Dismantlement

AGE, working on behalf of the US Department of Defense, managed the dismantlement of the largest biological warfare production facility in the world located in a remote region of Kazakhstan.  No other entity has ever dismantled a biological warfare facility.

After the demise of the former Soviet Union, a US priority was to dismantle specific aspects of their huge defense industry as much as possible and to insure these capabilities could no longer be utilized by anyone. AGE was given a the task by the US Department of Defense to oversee elimination of biological weapons manufacturing at this facility.  AGE managed the program to a successful conclusion.

Industrial Partnership

Military Construction

AGE managed numerous construction projects on military bases located within the US. These projects included everything from site construction to facility demolition that included the proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials.